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Nike Guard

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items

Nike Guard

The Lifeguard Store stocks everything you need to keep your lifeguards fully stocked with life-saving gear and equipment. We even have Nike lifeguard bathing suits that ensure your staff looks as official as possible while they’re on duty, whether they are guarding a water park, a beach or a resort, hotel or community pool. Our selection of Nike lifeguard swim suits guarantees you’ll find just the right look to outfit your lifeguards. We even have shorts and tee shirts to keep your guards covered up and protected from the sun when they aren’t in the water. On each piece of Nike lifeguard apparel, you’ll find the official “guard” logo for easy identification.

Nike Lifeguard Bathing Suits for Women

Whether you need a one-piece or a two-piece lifeguard bathing suit, Nike and The Lifeguard Store have you covered. With four one-piece and two two-piece suits to choose from, you’re sure to find something in the style you desire. Each of the women’s lifeguard bathing suits offered by Nike is made from a nylon and spandex blend that offers the optimal amount of comfort and support without sacrificing functionality. An official white “guard” logo is printed on the chest of each of these suits so your lifeguards are easily identifiable, which in turn makes their job easier. Since blue and red are the most common colors for lifeguard swim suits, Nike has made sure that all six of their female options contain these two colors in some form or fashion.

Nike Lifeguard Swimming Trunks for Men

Nike offers two swimming trunk options for male lifeguards, both of which are made with 100% polyester for quick-drying capabilities. They are both knee-length, feature an elastic waistband for a secure fit and have the official “guard” logos on both the back of the waist as well as down the left leg. These Nike lifeguard swimming trunks come in either blue or red to best match the rest of your staff. Whether your lifeguards are watching over a pool, a water park or the beach, they will be easily spotted and identified in either of these official, comfortable and supportive volley swim shorts for men.

Nike Lifeguard Apparel

Not only does Nike make lifeguard swim suits, but they also make lifeguard apparel for your guards to wear when they’re out of the water. These items will keep your staff covered and protected from the harmful rays of the sun during their shift. Since these suits are also made of quick-dry material, your guards don’t have to worry about stripping them off in the middle of an emergency before they jump into rescue mode. Instead they can wear their Nike lifeguard apparel right into the water if necessary without having to worry about spending the rest of their shift in wet clothes. Additional apparel items include female guard shorts in red or navy and a Nike guard t-shirt for men or women.

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Whether you need to outfit yourself or an entire lifeguarding staff, turn to Nike guard products here at The Lifeguard Store to get the job done right the first time. Don’t delay! Order today and take advantage of Nike’s quality products sold at our fair prices.