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Adidas Swimwear

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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 items

 Adidas Swimwear

The Lifeguard Store doesn’t just sell swimwear for lifeguards, although we do specialize in carrying the tools and equipment lifeguards require to perform their jobs to a satisfactory level. We also carry swimwear for the average swimmer as well as competitive swimmers. Our Adidas swimwear for men and women is among our most popular choices when it comes to finding bathing suits that offer quick-dry material, a secure fit and are comfortable to wear for multiple hours at a time. Our selection of Adidas swimwear for women ranges from barely there to full coverage to ensure that we’ve got something for everyone, no matter what your personal style and preferences are. Our selection of Adidas swimwear for men also includes options with more and less coverage to best suit your personal preferences.

Adidas Swimwear for Women

We carry eight different traditional one-piece swimsuits for women. In addition to those eight more traditionally styled suits, we also have four full-coverage swimsuits for women. The difference in the design of these two styles highlights the difference in usage normally associated with these swimsuits. For example, the traditional swimsuits are more commonly seen at pools, beaches and water parks, while the full-coverage swimsuits are generally better suited for competitive swimmers as they streamline the body and reduce underwater drag. That being said, there is no right or wrong way to wear any Adidas swimwear for women, and you may find you enjoy the full-coverage option even when you're not swimming competitively, or don’t mind the lack of coverage during competitive events.

Adidas Swimwear for Men

When it comes to swimwear for men, we carry both knee-length jammers and short briefs. The jammers offer a bit more coverage for modesty much like a pair of swimming trunks would, while keeping tight to your body to help reduce underwater drag. This is especially important for professional and competitive swimmers. If you prefer a tighter fit for your swimwear, we definitely suggest looking into a pair of Adidas jammers. The briefs provide less coverage, leaving you more exposed but certainly providing the best opportunity for tanning, while also reducing the amount of underwater drag you may experience. For those men who are looking for less coverage and more comfort, Adidas swimwear for men briefs may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Everyday & Competitive Swimwear

Our swimwear selection comes in a variety of sizes, styles and color options for your convenience. We understand how important your choice in swimwear is, whether you are a professional swimmer, competitive swimmer or simply swim for recreation or exercise. That’s why we’ve hand selected these Adidas swimwear options just for you. Use our left hand navigation bar to narrow your search by color, pattern, material, style or even price to find your ideal swimsuit for any occasion.

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Whether you are looking for Adidas swimwear for women or men, look no further than the swim shop at The Lifeguard Store for the best selection of quality products at affordable prices. Order today and start taking advantage of all of the benefits Adidas brand swimwear has to offer you immediately.