8 2/3 Meter Deck Level Stand

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  • The Econoline 1 Meter Diving Stand column slopes at 33 from vertical.
  • All welded construction for 12 and 14 diving boards.
  • The stand is sand blasted prior to receiving a coat of primer.


  • The E-CAT-1M-100 has a " x 12" wide x 72" long formed steel tray and the E-CAT-1M-101 tray is 78" long.
  • Each Tray has two 6" slots for fulcrum adjustment.


  • 5" Schedule 40 steel pipe welded to rear of tray.
  • A self-adhesive pad with a non-slip surface covers the 3/16" steel uniweld tread.


  • 5/16" x 3" x 18" long carbon steel angle welded to the heel end of the tray.
  • The angle has two 9/16" diameter holes on 12" centers for mounting the diving boards.

FULCRUM (25-105)

  • 1 " Schedule 40 x 20" long steel pipe with white rubber fulcrum cover.
  • Two 3/8" diameter studs on 6" centers are welded to pipe for securing to tray.

HANDRAILS (25-106)

  • 1.90" O.D. x .065" wall stainless steel polished and buffed tubes are bolted to tray handrail support brackets.

NOTE: Diving Boards and Towers are sold separately.

NOTE: All Econoline stands are shipped primed only. We recommend a high quality acrylic urethane enamel for a durable finish.

*Note: Additional Shipping charges may apply

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