Aquatic Rescue and Safety

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Be prepared for water emergencies! If you are responsible for the welfare of those who spend time in or around the water as an aquatic manager, scuba diving instructor, firefighter, law enforcement officer, or emergency rescue worker or if you're a water sport enthusiast yourself, then you need to know how to prevent and manage aquatic accidents. This potentially lifesaving guide shows you how.

Aquatic Rescue and Safety is ideal as a manual for water rescue training, as a resource for individual aquatic recreation enthusiasts, and as a reference for emergency preparedness. Whether you are simply an avid boater or swimmer or a member of a water rescue team, this book will help you acquire the knowledge and skills to prevent water-related injuries and save lives.

Aquatic Rescue and Safety: How to recognize, respond to, and prevent water-related injuries
Dennis K. Graver 2004 Paperback 256 pp 7 x 10 155 illus