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The Bolster Paddles promote an early vertical forearm position that uses the entire forearm and hand during the pull. Perfecting this technique with the Bolster Paddles encourages a high elbow and will lead to more efficient swimming. The Bolster Paddles are also a great way to build upper body strength. The wide paddle design offers resistance throughout the pull and can be applied to all four swim strokes. Using the Bolster Paddles overtime will improve entry, catch technique, pull and recovery.

Improve Your Hand and Arm Motions With Bolster Paddles

Have you ever wanted to make better use of your hands and forearms while swimming? FINIS Bolster Paddles help boost your swimming performance, outcome, efficiency and time.

Swimmers frequently give their FINIS Bolster Paddles exceptional reviews for their sturdiness and dependability. Each paddle has been designed to promote more effective water entry and catch. As you become more comfortable working with the paddles, your muscles will become accustomed to the movements necessary to power through the pool or open water faster.

Whether your favorite stroke is the butterfly, breast, back or freestyle, you can count on your FINIS Bolster Paddles to become trusted training partners. These comfortable, easy-to-adjust paddles are excellent choices for beginners, mid-level swimmers or competitive swimming athletes of all ages.

Buy a set of FINIS Bolster Paddles today and get more from every training session.

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