FINIS Dryland Cord

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The FINIS Dryland Cord is ideal for swimmers who want to expand their workout or develop their stroke.

  • Simulates swimming motions.  Isolates muscles vital for swimmers.
  • Resistance training.  Enhances speed while building endurance and strength.
  • Three levels of resistance.  
  • Yellow means light resistance.
  • Green means medium resistance.
  • Red means heavy resistance.

Perfect Your Swimming Practice With the FINIS Dryland Cord

Even when you’re on land, FINIS swim cords can help you improve your swimming technique and stay in shape for when you hit the pool. With comfortable handles and strong tubing, FINIS Dryland Cords can help you replicate swimming movements by allowing you to develop your range of motion and strength so you’re even more powerful in the water.

FINIS swim cords are engineered for swimmers of all skill levels, abilities and ages. They’re a great option for the off-season and for rehabilitation work. Focus on specific muscle groups, improve your flexibility and get stronger so you can enjoy a better stroke range. Build your abs, biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders with a range of flexible workouts using these cords. These swim cords are light enough and flexible enough to travel with you, so you can always get ready for your next lap or race, no matter where you travel.

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