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Iso paddles are strapless paddles designed to isolate specific muscle groups, develop proper hand position and heighten stroke awareness. Iso paddles are uniquely designed to create an imbalance in the catch phase of a stroke, which forces swimmers to apply more pressure on either side of the paddle in order to maintain a proper stroke. The variance encourages swimmers to pay increased attention to hand position in the water, keeping it level and consistent throughout the catch and pull of each stroke.

Perfect Your Stroke With Finis ISO Paddles

Becoming a better swimmer depends on improving your stroke. To move through the water more efficiently, you need your movements to become crisper and more precise.

The Finis agility paddles can help you achieve this goal by allowing you to concentrate on your hand position in the water. The paddles reward good positioning by making it easier for you to skim ahead in your lane.

You can use the Finis ISO paddles during warmups, drills and cool-downs. Incorporate them into any part of your workout to see benefits immediately. Finding the right paddles can assist you with adding the consistency you need to move to the next level. Professional and amateur swimmers alike rely on these tools to aid them in the pool.

You can choose between small and medium paddles, depending on your size. Buy some for yourself or your swim team today.

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