Finis Rival 2.0 Jammer

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The Rival 2.0 is the next-generation elite-level tech suit.

What's different about this suit? 

  • It is TOUGH and features a unique weave method. That's right – a suit with fabric just as tough as you are.


  • It is optimized for gliding through the water. The Shield-Tech™ fabric's surface retains a very small amount of water, creating a shield-like effect and reducing friction. 


  • In the female suit, we added a vertical chest seam to prevent air pockets and reinforce oblique and lower abdomen compression. 

  • In the male suit, we focused on intensifying the compression on the back of the legs to lift the legs to the surface.


  • Lastly, both suits feature single-layered panels on the inner thighs to increase comfort and range of motion in all four swim strokes.