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Nobody likes to choke on water, so plug up your snorkel with the FINIS Snorkel Dry Top. When submerging under the water, a small buoy inside the Dry Top rises, effectively sealing the tube. Water is then prevented from entering, keeping your snorkel completely dry. When you surface, the buoy drops, opening the air passage for maximum airflow.

  • Snorkel dry top.
  • Keeps snorkel free of water.
  • Only compatible with Swimmer's Snorkel and Junior.

Keep Water Where It Belongs With the FINIS Dry Top for Your Snorkel

Constructed to be compatible with the FINIS Swimmer's Snorkel and Junior Swimmer's Snorkel, the FINIS Dry Top features a specialized valve that enhances your diver's equipment and adds peace of mind to every snorkeling adventure.

Every FINIS Dry Top relies on simple, innovative technology that automatically keeps you free from inhaling water when your snorkel goes under the surface. Thanks to a specialized valve, you can breathe out air when the snorkel submerges, but you won't suddenly get an influx of water.

Extend your swimming and snorkeling experiences and make them more exciting and fun. Stay in the water longer without the fear of taking in a gulp of chlorine or salt water. You'll appreciate the high-quality construction of this must-have attachment for the FINIS snorkel. Consider buying a dry top from FINIS for yourself or someone special who loves to snorkel for pleasure or competition.

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