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The FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro uses beeps to help you set your stroke rate. Convenience and portability combine in this Tempo Trainer Pro to keep you in sync.

How The Finis Tempo Trainer Pro Works

  • Multi-Sport: Applicable for swimming, biking, running and more.
  • Audible Beep: Loud enough to hear in and out of the water.
  • Sync Button: Synchronize the device to a pace clock or stopwatch.
  • Adjustable: Tempo can be adjusted by 1/100 of a second.
  • Floats in the water to avoid being lost.
  • External clip included to keep it in place on the swim cap.


  • 3 different modes:
          - Mode 1: Single beep in strokes per sec (0.02 seconds to 99.99 seconds).
          - Mode 2: Triple beep in strokes per sec (1 second to 9:59 minutes).
          - Mode 3: Single beep in strokes per minute.
  • Sync button lets you synchronize the trainer to a pace clock or stopwatch.
  • Metronome is loud enough to be heard in and out of the water.

Finis Tempo Trainer Pro Design Details

  • Removable clip to secure to clothing.
  • Small Convenient Size: Easily placed under swim cap.
  • Replaceable battery to extend the life of your trainer:
  • U.S.A. Patented.

What’s Included

  • Dryland Clip.
  • CR1620 3V battery.

Add a High-Tech Tempo Trainer to Your Routine

Do you want to work on your pacing like the pros? The FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro offers an audible reminder to keep your strokes rhythmic and regular. Challenge yourself today and move closer toward your personal best. 

Constructed to clip comfortably near your ear against your swim cap, the tempo trainer beeps consistently based on the tempo you set. Use the trainer to help you stay on target while practicing in the pool or open water. With its bright yellow color and buoyant build, this tempo trainer is easy to spot and retrieve while swimming if you accidentally drop it into the water.

The FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro is the ideal gift to yourself if you're trying to beat your previous records. It also works well on land, which makes it perfect for cyclists and runners requiring an audible tempo trainer to attach to a hat or piece of clothing. 

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