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The reinforced, polished aluminum Swim Mirror is the perfect tool for instant visual feedback on stroke technique. Mirror lays flat on the bottom of a pool. Holes provided in each corner of the mirror offer the ability to secure the mirror in place at the end of the pool for flip turn feedback. Multiple mirrors linked end to end offer additional feedback. A mirror combined with a stationary swimming device offers prolonged feedback. To care for your swim Mirror simply rinse off with clean water and let air dry.

  • Reinforced Polished Aluminum.  Watch yourself for instant visual feedback on stroke technique 
  • Corner Holes.  Hang or secure mirrors in place end to end for better observation 
  • Flip Turn Feedback.  Hang vertically at the end of the pool to provide feedback during flipturns
  • Stationary Swimming.  Great for use with a Stationary Cord that secures you in place above the mirror
  • Easy Care.  Rinse off with clean water when finished and let air dry.
  • 45.5 x 28 (115cm x 71cm).  Less than 3 lbs. (1.4 kg)
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