Kiefer Deluxe Foam Water Dumbbells - Medium - Pair

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Water-resistance training is an excellent way to gain upper body strength in a low-impact format. Make your water workout that much more effective with Kiefer Deluxe Foam Water Dumbbells. 

Our medium-sized foam dumbbells are a versatile product with a variety of uses. They can be used in aquatic physical therapy to rebuild muscles after an accident or injury. You can also incorporate them into your water physical fitness regimen for strength and resistance training. 

The dumbbell's bar features a padded grip for an easy and comfortable hold. The bar's oversized diameter means less constriction in your hand, making it a great therapeutic tool for those with inflammation in their joints. If you are using our deluxe foam water dumbbells for water resistance training, each handle equates to about 4.5 pounds.

Buy a medium-sized pair of Kiefer Deluxe Foam Water Dumbbells and enjoy increased muscle gains and strength. 

Dimensions: 12" bar with 6" X 2-1/2" foam floats.

Resistance = 4.5 lb per handle