Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel

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Built for high speeds, the Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel is designed with the most hydrodynamic features and ideal for sprinters looking for stability in their training snorkel.

  • Promotes excellent stability at high speeds.
  • Flexible TPR Head Band: For comfort, eliminating headaches and pinching.
  • Low Profile Shape: Offers maximum vision and drag reduction.
  • Adjustable Head Band: Enhances stability as the snorkel cuts through the water.
  • Tear-Drop Shape: Enhances stability as the snorkel cuts through the water.
  • Smaller Tube Opening: Reduces air flow, improving lung capacity.
  • Premium Silicone Headstrap: With a split strap design for stability and comfort.
  • Removable Silicone Mouthpiece: For easy cleaning.

Improve Your Breathing With This Speedo Snorkel

When you train for a competition, use the best equipment on the market. The Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel takes your practices to new performance levels with its highly engineered, streamlined profile. Forget about drag and focus on moving efficiently through indoor or outdoor waters. Order a Speedo Bullet today and get yourself to the next level.

As you read through the Speedo Bullet snorkel reviews, you'll notice that competitive swimmers appreciate its comfortable, true fit. Featuring an adjustable headband, it holds tight without pinching. Move through the pool or lake with ease and stability like never before. You'll never have to worry about the Speedo Bullet letting you down — just put it on and go.

Are you wondering how to keep your Speedo Bullet Head Snorkel working like new? It's easy to keep spotless with minimal cleaning, so your snorkel will serve you session after session.

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