Speedo LZR Racer X Jammer

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Welcome to the new world of fast. The Speedo Men's LZR Racer X Jammer has been developed using Speedo's newest elite fabric for the elite swimmer. The unique "X" design lets everyone know what suit you're wearing on the block.

FINA approved

  • LZR Racer CompreX uses one way stretch technology, stretching vertically, allowing swimmers freedom of movement during their stroke.
  • Resistant to horizontal stretch providing high compression and reducing drag but increasing the muscles' efficiency.
  • Light, powerful and durable.  Unique X design that makes these seams light, powerful and durable.
  • Reduces drag but increases the muscles efficiency.  Improves the linkage of the muscular kinetic chain.
  • Support seams enhance the link between muscles of the lower body.  Connect major muscles of the thigh.
  • Support seam intersects at the hip bone, allowing rotation.  Seam runs across the leg with an identifiable ‘X’ shape.
  • The construction of the seams provides feedback to the swimmer, helping to maintain a better position in the water and a high-leg kick.
  • Developed by Speedo Aqualab.  Traditional jammer design.  Jammer hits above the knee.

Go Even Faster in Speedo’s LZR Racer X

The name of the game in tech suits is innovation. Companies want to find ways to make their suits lighter, offer better compression and improve construction.

Speedo takes its suit to the next level with the new fabric in the LZR Racer X Suit. This fabric allows swimmers to go through a range of motion without any constriction. Flip your way to faster times when you try out the LZR Racer X in your next meet.

Comfort makes a difference in your performance, as well. You will enjoy wearing the LZR Racer Suit, which was designed with a light and durable fabric meant to allow swimmers to breathe. Speedo built its suit based on extensive research on athletes’ bodies and what suits would best fit their needs.

The LZR Racer X is meant to decrease drag while increasing the efficiency of swimmers’ muscles. Get your new suit today. 

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Gender Men
Suit Style Jammer
Pattern Solid
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