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Stability Snorkel: Speed

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  • LOSE THE BRACKET, GAIN STABILITY - No more dealing with uncomfortable head brackets! This snorkel features a cushioned resting spot that fits the natural curve of your forehead
  • DESIGNED FOR COMPETITIVE SWIMMERS - Made specifically for swimming at high speeds with an elevated body position in the water
  • PATENTED PIVOT MOUTHPIECE - The silicone mouthpiece pivots to the side so you can quickly grab a drink of water or chat with your friends before the next set
  • 5 CUSTOM SETTINGS - The tube adjusts to five different lengths for a customized fit
  • MINIMAL STRAP FOR LESS PRESSURE - Dual silicone strap distributes pressure evenly around your head
  • LOW-DRAG TUBE - The tube curves closeley around your head and is designed to split the water as you swim

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