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Training Gear/Electronics

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  1. Dolfin Kickball
    Dolfin Kickball
    SKU: 780SAB
  2. FINIS Posture Trainer
    FINIS Posture Trainer
    SKU: 1.05.045
  3. Galaxy Sport Open Water Float
    Galaxy Sport Open Water Float
    Sale Price $19.00 Regular Price $25.00
  4. Finis Tempo Trainer Pro
    Finis Tempo Trainer Pro
    SKU: 1.05.120
  5. Drag+Fly Resistance Swimming Trainer
    Drag+Fly Resistance Swimming Trainer
    SKU: 8740
    Sale Price $37.79 Regular Price $62.99
  6. FINIS Duo Underwater MP3
    FINIS Duo Underwater MP3
    SKU: 1.30.058
  7. FINIS Hydro Hip
    FINIS Hydro Hip
    SKU: 1.05.007
  8. FINIS Tech Toc
    FINIS Tech Toc
    SKU: 1.05.014
  9. FINIS Swim Parachute
    FINIS Swim Parachute
    SKU: 1.05.110
  10. Push Plate Sculpt
    Push Plate Sculpt
    SKU: 7753105
  11. Speedo Training Bands
    Speedo Training Bands
    SKU: 7753096
  12. Swim Coach Communicator
    Swim Coach Communicator
    SKU: 130043
  13. Finis Pulling Ankle Band
    Finis Pulling Ankle Band
  14. FINIS Forearm Fulcrum Paddles
    FINIS Forearm Fulcrum Paddles
    SKU: 10502848-1
  15. Finis Training Swim Mirror
    Finis Training Swim Mirror
    SKU: 1.05.013
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