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These swim fins will increase your speed and strength — that's the kicker.

  • Heel strap design with pull tab, which provides easy on/off wear
  • Channel side rails to amplify power in the water
  • Angled blade surface creates upward kick resistance
  • Rounded edges ensure comfort in the fin's foot cavity
  • 100% silicone

Use Hydro Training Fins to Glide Through the Water

A swimmer's leg movements need to propel them across the pool as efficiently as possible. The TYR Hydroblade fins are a training tool that swimmers can use to improve their technique.

Wearing hydro training fins helps you improve ankle flexibility — one of the elements of a good kick — as well as your up-kick. TYR Hydroblade fins put less stress on your shoulders and work the leg muscles instead. You'll be able to position your body better in the water and save energy because you won't kick as much. Not to mention, you'll swim really fast!

These TYR Hydroblade swim fins are designed for speed. The side rails increase your power in the water, and the surface creates some resistance on the up-kick. The pull tab straps make the fins easy to take on and off, and the round edges allow your foot to be more comfortable.

Do you have a need for speed — or an improved kick technique? Training with the TYR Hydroblade Fins will make you a stronger, better swimmer.

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